Who Made These Ridiculous Things?


Me!  I did!  I'm Dovid Taub, a professional puppeteer, illustrator and tinkerer.  For the past few years I've been trying to figure out a way to break down the barrier to entry for puppetry.  I've experimented with creating kits from all sorts of materials, and then one day I thought of this.  It's so silly and easy and so far it brings a smile to everyone who tries them out.  Please join me in bringing endless hours of ridiculousness to as many people as possible!

If you're curious, you're welcome to check out more of my work here.

Who is this for?

Anybody willing to be a little bit silly sometimes.  Here are some ideas...

  •  Parents - Keep a pack with you for emergency entertainment needs.

  •  Kids - Make a video!  There are, like, 73 devices in your home with cameras on them just waiting for you to make goofy videos.

  •  Regular Weirdos - Leave 'em in strange places for your roommates to find.

  •  Aspiring Puppeteers - These are perfect for practicing all the basics of puppeteering. ("Puppetry Crash Course" coming soon)

  •  Professional Puppeteers - Imagine having a puppet in your wallet all the time for whenever you want to demonstrate your puppeteering prowess.

  •  Teachers - This'll be the cheapest Classroom Pack you ever ordered.  (Character and story building worksheets coming soon)

What's a Puppet Deck

Each Puppet Deck comes with 54 different monster cards that you can instantly fold into a tiny puppet.  Why?  Because you've got a ton of wonderful characters hiding in your brain just waiting to be let loose.

Looking for instant fun? Every card is pre-scored for easy folding so you can your monster up and talking in seconds.  Ready to delve a little deeper?  Check out the back of the card where you can create a mini character bio for your monster.